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The New York Sun
John Kerry's Swift Boat Debacle 

Senator's defective character increasingly difficult to hide

By R. Emmett R. Terrell Jr.

Mr. Tyrrell is the editor in chief of The American Spectator, a contributing editor to the New York Sun, and an adjunct fellow at the Hudson Institute. 

Is it not curious that in the major press there is not a trace of humor or even irony perceptible in the hullabaloo over Senator Kerry's latest self-inflicted wound, to wit: the controversy over his Vietnam record? Oh, one fellow has shown a proper sense of the absurdity of it all.   [more]


Weekly Standard
Saddam funded
Iraqi cell of 
al Qaeda

An Iraqi prisoner details Saddam's links to Osama bin Laden's terror network. 

by Jonathan Schanzer 

A RECENTLY INTERCEPTED MESSAGE from Iraq-based terrorist Abu Musab al Zarqawi asking the al Qaeda leadership for reinforcements reignited the debate over al Qaeda ties with Saddam Hussein's fallen Baath regime.   [more]

Richmond Times-Dispatch
Bush put in 
for Vietnam 

Bush volunteered for combat, was rejected, ex-guardsman says

A former senior Virginia Air National Guard commander, who served with George W. Bush in the Texas Air Guard, says Bush volunteered for Vietnam combat service but was turned down because he did not have the required flight experience. [more]

Fact sheet
on Saudi religious fanaticism

(from Encyclopedia Britannica)


Saudi cult based on terrorism

By Stephen Schwartz
author of Kosovo: Background to a War and the forthcoming Two Faces of Islam.

IN HIS RUSH to exculpate the Islamic extremists who would impose sharia as the exclusive form of law in every Muslim society, David F. Forte writes in his NRO piece, "Religion Is Not the Enemy," that "as offensive to human rights and dignity as the stoning of a woman for an act of sexual immorality is, it is not the same as flying a plane into a building to kill thousands of innocent civilians."
    Readers have a choice here. You may agree with Professor Forte, or you may agree with a great number of Muslims — from Morocco to Malaysia and from Bosnia to Borneo  [more]

Islam IS
the enemy

By Daniel Pipes
Director, Middle

East Forum

In his well-written and thoughtful essay, "Religion is Not the Enemy" (National Review Online, October 19, 2001), David F. Forte makes the important point that extremists like Osama bin Laden "do not represent historic or mainstream Islam" but are propagating "a political ideology" akin to Leninism. He very sensibly urges a U.S. policy that avoids strengthening this foul ideology.
   Professor Forte mentioned me by name as an analyst who disagrees with his views, so I feel invited, if not required, to respond to his argument.     [more]

Opinion Journal
Will Antiterror Laws Pass Court Scrutiny? For the most part, yes.


Both the House and Senate have passed legislation aimed at better arming law enforcement in the struggle against terrorism. As differences between the two bills are being ironed out, questions are being raised about whether all the rules that will emerge from Congress will survive scrutiny by the Supreme Court.  [more]

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Opinion Journal
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SPJ abandons journalism for PC cowardice

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The New York Sun

Kerry is still sacrificing the freedom of the Vietnamese

By Edward Morrissey 

Mr. Morrissey is a radio talk-show host and freelance writer in Minneapolis, Minn. From www. 

Senator Kerry has taken to pleading for a return to debate on current issues and more relevant qualifications for the presidency in a bid to bury the debate on his Vietnam record, which at one time was all Mr. Kerry would discuss on the stump. Speaking in New York, Mr. Kerry told a crowd that all the Bush campaign had was fear, while he wanted to talk about how he could outperform President Bush in areas such as foreign policy. So let’s talk foreign policy, as practiced right here at home, by Mr. Kerry.

Ed Koch: I'm 
voting for Bush

New York Democrat: Kerry lacks stomach to go after terrorists

Former New York City Mayor Edward Koch, a Democrat, will for the first time in his life vote for a Republican presidential candidate this year because he feels Kerry "doesn't have the stomach" to fight terrorism, Koch told WorldNetDaily.

Insight Magazine
Kerry at VVAW meet
amid assassination talk

L.A. Times Overlooks Details of Kerry's FBI Record 

The Los Angeles Times inadvertently confirmed, in a long article, that Democratic presidential nominee John F. Kerry, as a top board member of the pro-Viet Cong Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW), had been present during at a November 1971 Kansas City meeting where VVAW leaders discussed a proposal to assassinate seven U.S. senators who were special targets of Hanoi, with whose agents selected leaders of VVAW had been meeting.
    The Times presented items from 50 documents carefully selected from what it reported were 14 boxes of related government papers 12 feet high. [more]
Kerry's wife backs
supporters of 9-11

Teresa Heinz lavishes millions on jihadists, 
U.S. radicals, homosexual extremists

If John Kerry becomes president, America will have in the White House a First Lady who has zealously supported all kinds of radical, America-hating groups – including Islamists, terrorist-defense law firms, abortionists and homosexual activists – that, by comparison, would make much of the country nostalgic for the days of Hillary Clinton. [more]

Kerry's wife funds
critics of Bush ads

Non-profit group behind 9/11 families
receives Heinz charitable contributions

WASHINGTON – The non-profit, tax-exempt organization representing the families of September 11 victims who are critical of campaign ads by President Bush is a project of the Tides Center, which has received millions of dollars in charitable contributions from foundations chaired by Teresa Heinz Kerry, WorldNetDaily has learned.


A Vet Questions John Kerry's Military Service 

From FrontPage Magazine 

The following is just one excerpt from a significantly longer message sent to a Marine chat net by a retired Marine Master Sergeant who was in both Korea and Vietnam. It calls into serious question John Kerry's military actions in Vietnam.

.... (2) He collected three Purple Hearts but has no limp. All his injuries were so minor that he lost no time from duty. Amazing luck. Or he was putting himself in for medals every time he bumped his head on the wheel house hatch? Combat on, the boats were almost always at close range. You didn't have minor wounds, at least not often. Not three times in a row. Then he used the three Purple Hearts to request a trip home eight months before the end of his tour. Fishy. the article


The Kerry Files, Volume II

John Kerry believes his service in Vietnam inoculates him from Republican attacks on national security issues. But what about Kerry's activities after he came back from Vietnam? 

IT TOOK A LOT OF DIGGING, but my producer Duane was able to find the audio from John Kerry's 1971 appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I played the entire 19 minutes for my radio audience on February 17, and the reaction via the phones and email was uniform: Disliking John Kerry for his actions and words of 33 years ago is not a rare thing, especially among Vietnam veterans and active duty military.


The leader of Senate Democrats reveals not only the basic confusion in which he lives his life, not only his bias toward the left but also the fact that he has no idea where his heart really lies.

Why attempts to dialog
with Islam are stupid

By Serge Trifkovic
(Adapted by Robert Locke from Dr. Trifkovic's new book The Sword of the Prophet: A Politically- Incorrect Guide to Islam)

OF ALL MAJOR RELIGIONS, Islam is the least amenable to dialogue with other faiths. Among non-Muslims it seeks converts or obedient subjects, not partners in a dialogue. Nevertheless, among some misguided Western social conservatives there exists an a priori desire to forge an alliance of believers against the moral and spiritual decay of a sinful world an "ecumenical jihad," a war of all religions against unbelief. [more]

Jerusalem Post
The secret conspiracy 
to conquer the world

TWO HUNDRED and eighty million Americans are getting a taste of what it's like to be Jewish. USA Today, America's most-circulated daily, recently reported on its front page that American tourists on the Continent are being attacked by their European hosts. From Paris to Munich to Rome to Amsterdam, Americans are being spat on and yelled at by passersby.

London Observer
Revealed: Iraq's quest 
to build nuclear bomb

IN THE DAYS BEFORE Iraq's defeat in the 1991 Gulf war, the vast sprawl of anonymous factory buildings that makes up the Badr General Establishment was a central hub in its efforts to design and build a nuclear bomb.

The Lie that is Palestine

by Joe Farah, Founder & Editor,
World Net Daily, and an Arab-American

What is a Palestinian?
April, 2001

Ever since I wrote a column last October called "Myths of the Middle East," readers from around the world have asked me what is meant by the term "Palestinian."
     The simple answer is that it means whatever Yasser Arafat wants it to mean.  [more]

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