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Prole Models

America's elites take their cues from the underclass.


That American life has coarsened over the past several decades is not much argued, but the nature of the beast is still in question. Gertrude Himmelfarb sees it as a struggle between competing elites, in which the left originated a counterculture that the right failed to hold back. Daniel Patrick Moynihan has given us the phrase "defining deviancy down," to describe a process in which we change the meaning of moral to fit what we are doing anyway. I wish to add a third voice to the mix, that of the late historian Arnold Toynbee, who would find our recent history no mystery at all: We are witnessing the proletarianization of the dominant minority.   [more]

'Angel in the Whirlwind'

The Inaugural Speech
of President
George W. Bush


We've Come to
Bury the Big Creep

by Wlady Pleszczynski

Another Clinton first! Thursday night he became the only American president ever to speak during his own funeral. Some might say Clinton was delivering his own eulogy. As always his remarks were all about himself, though that might depend on what the meaning if "I" is: "In all the work I have done as president," "every executive decision I have made," "every executive action I have taken," "every bill I have proposed and signed," "I've tried to give all Americans the tools and condition to build the future of our dreams..." In other words, it was all about him, but he did it all for us. What a man.

What a creep. There's only one thing to do with such diseased egomania: inter it at the first opportunity. So while Bill prepared to go on national TV last night, some 400 mourners came to Washington's Monarch Hotel to bury him. Hosted by the Media Research Center, the most indispensable such organization since Radio Free Europe, the event was titled "The Funeral: A Conservative Celebration of the Death of the Clinton Administration." continue

The 'Okay'

By Michelle Malkin

In the face of a recent black-against-Asian hate crime, President Clinton, the chest- beaters at The New York Times and the rainbow coalition of loud-mouthed minority leaders all seem to have vanished into thin air.   [more]

Arafat plans
of Israel

By Yossi Klein Halevi

JERUSALEM--Yasser Arafat's refusal to abandon the "right of return" of several million Palestinian refugees to Israel proper belies his tentative acceptance of President Clinton's final Middle East peace proposal. The Oslo peace process was based on the assumption that, at the moment of truth, Arafat would sacrifice the dream of displacing the Jewish state with Greater Palestine in exchange for a more modest Palestinian state alongside Israel. But by insisting on the right of return--even after the Barak government has accepted almost total withdrawal to the 1967 lines and Palestinian sovereignty in East Jerusalem--the Palestinian leadership has proved that its recognition of Israel's legitimacy has been merely tactical all along.    [more]

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Why Clinton Bites When He

A New Orleans rape investigator explains the M.O.

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Clinton a security risk, say intell professionals

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Y2K Spoof Triggers FBI Gestapo Tactics

Reno sabotaged Little Rock search

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Broaddrick isn't his only assault victim

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A detailed analysis of the Foster coverup

World Net Daily commentary
Mayoral gun suits undermine U.S. law

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Bush asks people
to push on taxes

President asks Americans to
lobby for his package of cuts

CRAWFORD, Texas, Feb. 17 — President Bush asked the American people Saturday to help make his case to Congress for a budget that cuts taxes across the board, pays down the national debt and invests in education.

The Washington Times
Clinton told DNC of his
scheme to pardon Rich

     President Clinton told the Democratic National Committee's finance chairman 10 days before his pardon of Marc Rich that he wanted to issue the clemency order and was doing everything "possible to turn around" White House lawyers opposed to the fugitive financier's pardon.


Associated Press
So-called Clinton 'gifts'
were gov't property

WASHINGTON  -- Sofas, chairs, a pair of lamps and other home furnishings that former President Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton took and then shipped back to Washington were property of the White House, not personal gifts they were entitled to keep, the government has found.

The American Spectator
The Clintons knew they were stealing

The Washington Times
The Real Story of
Judge Ronnie White

By Tony Blankley

The Democrats are gearing up for a particularly nasty season of race-baiting, but one of their prime exhibits -- the alleged martyrdom of Missouri Judge Ronnie White -- actually shows how sleazoid the Dems have become.

How Smith & Wesson
shot itself in the head

No one wants to buy from a Quisling

For more than 50 years, George Romanoff’s family has been selling Smith & Wessons: .357 revolvers with hardwood handles, sleek pistols forged from blue and stainless steel. [the story]

Blocks last-minute
Clinton power-grabs

Chief of staff asks agency
heads to hold off on new rules

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 — As one of his first acts in office, President George W. Bush’s chief of staff issued an order Saturday that blocks a series of Bill Clinton’s executive orders and last-minute rules.

Washington Post
Bush’s Cabinet nominees cruising

All 16 nominees appear to be headed
for confirmation, despite some battles

WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 — After a sometimes contentious week of hearings, all of President-elect Bush’s 16 Cabinet-level nominees are headed for Senate confirmation, including his controversial choice of John D. Ashcroft as attorney general, senators said yesterday.

The Standard
Unnatural Allies

While liberals fight the Ashcroft nomination, tech leaders back Bush's choice for attorney general.

WASHINGTON – As senators weigh George W. Bush's nomination of John Ashcroft for attorney general, the battle lines could not be starker. On one side is a liberal coalition of civil rights advocates, feminists and environmentalists outraged by Ashcroft's arch-conservative political views. On the other side are GOP activists, the Christian right and the technology industry.

The technology industry? continue
Leading Senate Dem
Will Support Ashcroft

Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), a leading Senate Democrat who's been called the "conscience of the Senate," says he will vote to confirm John Ashcroft as Attorney General.

Miami Herald
Hundreds of Florida
Felons cast ballots

Of 452 ballots cast illegally by criminals in Broward County, Fla., Democrats cast 343, and Republicans cast 62.

Insight Magazine
Your tax dollars fund
Russian germ warfare

The Clinton administration suppressed early warnings from its own officials and from a top Russian scientist that Moscow was diverting disarmament aid to fund covert biological-weapons programs, Insight magazine is reporting. The magazine has obtained hundreds of internal documents from the Energy and State departments covering a four-year period (1993 to 1997). The documents show how officials who raised security concerns about this were pushed out of policy-making and -implementing positions, and how senior political appointees either ignored or blocked their warnings that Russia was using U.S. aid to develop new generations of germ weapons. [more]

Grass roots to senate:
confirm Ashcroft

WASHINGTON – More than 100 grassroots organizations representing a wide variety of interests are urging the U.S. Senate to confirm President-elect Bush’s choice of John Ashcroft for attorney general.

The Scotsman
Sharon set
to beat Barak

Polls: Israelis oppose Barak 50 to 32%

ARIEL Sharon, the militant Israeli nationalist leader, is poised to win next month’s prime ministerial election by a landslide over the incumbent, Ehud Barak, according to opinion polls published Friday.

The Scotsman
Smith & Wesson
is up for sale

With the gun industry itself under fire, Smith & Wesson, maker of the .44-caliber Magnum carried by Dirty Harry, is on the block.

United Press International
Arson confirmed
in Bush boat fire

A fire that heavily damaged a boat owned by president-elect George W. Bush and his Commerce secretary nominee Don Evans at a lake near Austin last month was intentionally set, the Texas state fire marshal's office said Thursday.

Hillary skips
first senate vote

Hillary Clinton fought like mad to win her Senate seat, but she couldn't be bothered to show up for her first Senate vote Friday. Because she was at an event in Virginia with her lame-duck hubby, she missed the ratification of Trent Lott's agreement with Democrats on power sharing.

LePore hits back at
stupid Dem voters

Those fanatical Gore supporters in notorious Palm Beach County, Fla., are still harassing Supervisor of Elections Theresa LePore, the Democrat who approved the "butterfly ballot" that some Democrats claimed they were too incompetent to use correctly.

- A N A L Y S I S  -

Tice: Greenspan's
rate cuts won't work

    Last week’s sudden move by the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates sparked some market euphoria.
    Not so fast, says David Tice, one of the country’s leading market pessimists, manager of the Prudential Bear Fund, and a columnist for Strategic Investment newsletter.    [more]

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