Reprinted from Inside Cover,

Why Clinton Bites When He Rapes

(Juanita Broaddrick and other Clinton victims have independently reported that, when sexually assaulted by Sick Willie, he bit their lips while holding them down.  This is the M.O. of an experienced serial rapist.)

According to a former rape investigator with the New Orleans Police Department, who contacted confidentially, lip biting is a common M.O. for rapists. She told Inside Cover:

"The reason rapists bite is because, even with the full weight of her attacker on top of her, the woman is often able to resist the parting of her legs by locking her ankles. The rapist's arms are busy keeping her pinned down. The only weapon the rapist has left is his teeth, which he uses to bite while demanding she open her legs.

The lips are very sensitive. Biting them is so painful it distracts the victim, allowing a rapist to overcome her resistance. The victim can only hold out for so long as the blood flows into her mouth. Some women are stronger than others and I've seen their lips half-torn from their faces before they give up." ....

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