Ensign, Bryan
Arizona Land Swap Operators
Contributed to Congressmen

The Arizona land company active in numerous controversial Las Vegas-area land swaps during the last several years contributed about $13,000 to the re-election campaign of Nevada Congressman John Ensign this February, Ensign confirmed Thursday.
That was four months before the Republican congressman called for a halt to all land exchanges for Nevada.
Olympic Group Inc., the Scottsdale land firm, in April also flew Ensign and his administrative assistant Mark Emerson from Las Vegas to Reno on a company jet to look at Lake Tahoe land the company was considering buying and trading to the federal government.
Olympic contributions also went to Nevada Democrat Senator
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Richard Bryan. Company president Garry Goett and vice-president Guy Inzalaco both gave Bryan $1,000 donations in 1994, according to Bryan spokeswoman Karen Kirchgasser.
Ensign said he saw nothing wrong with criticizing land swaps after accepting campaign funds from a company active in those swaps.
"If I were hypocritical, I would not call for [congressional] hearings to look into these land swaps," he said.

Background Information on the Swaps

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